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  • Bridging the Gap Between Virtual and Physical Networks October 18, 2019
    This blog is co-authored by Bops Puliyanda, Senior Product Line Manager, VMware Network & Security. The evolution of networks has seen a shift from legacy, proprietary technologies that are hardware-bound to modern, open technologies that are software-driven and driving innovation. As seen with the rapid adoption of server virtualization throughout data centers, today’s organizations are […]
  • Transformation in Action: The McLaren Digital Transformation Story October 18, 2019
    Just over 50 years ago, Bruce McLaren and his newly formed racing team set out to design and build Formula F1 racing cars that would bear the McLaren name. Armed with an immense passion for racing and a willingness to push the boundaries, the McLaren team work tirelessly to perfect their racing ability and dominate […]
  • Customer Feedback Drove the Design of the New Dell EMC PowerEdge XR2 High Performance Chassis October 16, 2019
    Is it possible to improve on perfection? Rarely but if you’re lucky, it can sometimes happen. Take the Dell EMC OEM PowerEdge XR2, first announced in December 2017. Small but mighty Built for harsh OEM environments, the PowerEdge XR2 packs a huge punch in terms of performance, despite its compact size. Thanks to long-life and […]
  • The Season of Change: PowerEdge with AMD EPYC Gives You 5 Reasons to be Excited for Fall October 15, 2019
    Many people have strong associations with the fall season: apple picking, colorful leaves, pumpkin (spice), playoff baseball. These activities invoke our senses to the point where we can feel the crisp air, taste the ball park mustard, and imagine the palette of leaves. The fall season invites you to create some great memories, and here […]
  • The Fallacy of Telco Cloud October 15, 2019
    In our multi-cloud conversations, we continue to recognize that the Telco Cloud  is core to realizing an ANY-X (Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime, Any Network) experience for enterprise organizations and consumers. The Telco Cloud is characterized as the existing core data centers transitioning to be more IT-centric. The emerging network edge, the first insertion point of […]
  • Built to Evolve: The Kinetic Enterprise October 15, 2019
    This blog was co-authored by Pavan Srivastava, Principal & US SAP Cloud Leader, Deloitte Consulting. Our clients are recognizing the need to evolve to stay competitive in the market. To achieve the evolving business needs, our clients will have to continue to transform & make their enterprise intelligent. Organizations are turning to SAP S/4HANA, AI, […]
  • The Research-Backed Reason Why the Best IT Shops Crush the Competition with Data October 14, 2019
    According to new survey results from ESG, just 1 in 5 respondents are very confident in their IT organization’s ability to properly support data goals over the next three years. However, there is reason for hope. If you are a modernized IT shop, it’s highly (94%) likely that your business does have confidence that you […]
  • Dell Technologies Partner President’s Circle: Rewarding Partnership and Giving Back Together October 14, 2019
    It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, a few of us were facing an angry hippopotamus while on a casual walking safari! In fact, the entire Dell Technologies Partner President’s Circle experience seems a bit like a dream. Being within a few feet of leopards, rhinos, elephants, giraffes, and observing them in […]
  • Flexing AI Workloads Using KubeFlow and OpenShift Container Platform October 11, 2019
    Want to create a flexible environment for machine learning and deep learning workloads? Deploy Kubeflow on an OpenShift Container platform with Dell EMC PowerEdge servers. Many enterprises invest in custom infrastructure to support artificial intelligence (AI) and their data science teams. While the goal is right, this approach can be a problem. Oftentimes, these ad-hoc […]
  • Managing Data at Scale – New Automotive Industry Research Highlights IT, Business and Engineering Opportunities October 10, 2019
    The connected car market is growing faster than the overall auto sales market, driven by end-user’s demands for connected services such as navigation, multimedia streaming, social media and remote diagnostics, all expected to increase the convenience of the driver. Gartner estimates that the enterprise and automotive Internet of Things (IoT) market will grow to 5.8 […]