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  • Technology, Globalization, and Disruptors Shape Hyper-digitalization in our Society December 12, 2019
    Never before in economic history have markets been transformed so quickly as they have now. This is due to three factors that we have analyzed individually and know well. But it is their interaction that has ensured the high speed of the upheavals that we are currently experiencing. If one component is missing, the dynamic […]
  • Embrace DevOps, Kubernetes and Automation with New Dell EMC Unity XT Plugins December 12, 2019
    Two major shifts are revolutionizing software development. First, the emergence of continuous delivery; and second, a microservice-based architecture that allows for greater scale. At the heart of these trends is automation, and Dell Technologies has focused on developing integrations with leading DevOps and automation tools to accelerate application deployment and lifecycle management. Today, we are […]
  • On the Edge of Technology December 12, 2019
    Introductions first! I work as a Technologist within OEM | Embedded & Edge Solutions, a global sales and engineering division that helps customers integrate the extensive Dell Technologies portfolio with their own Intellectual Property, products and services. Movement towards the edge In my role, I frequently get asked about current trends in the marketplace. While […]
  • The Reality of Hardware-level Security: Companies Need It and They Need It Now December 11, 2019
    Organizations are trying to protect their devices against the backdrop of a changing cybersecurity landscape. At the same time, hackers are working just as hard – if not harder – to infiltrate security measures. As security tools get more advanced, attackers find new ways to bypass them. The latest tactic used by hackers is attacking […]
  • The Right Technology for Your Unique Small Business Demands December 10, 2019
    Small businesses need to be agile to make the most of their business opportunities. By having the latest technology, it will help get them there faster. In the United States, only 39.2% of small businesses have any full-time IT staff in-house.[1] Growing businesses are challenged to manage expenses, improve productivity, and reduce complexities across their […]
  • Delivering a Modern Streaming Architecture for 5G December 10, 2019
    What is the Use for Data Analytics? Analytics offers many benefits to organizations as they embark upon digital transformation, including: Increasing efficiency and driving cost out of operations Maximizing customer satisfaction Developing new products and services Use of streaming data to respond to issues and opportunities in near real-time The number of use cases made […]
  • Beauty and the Box: How One Company Found a Perfect Fit with PowerEdge MX Modular Platform December 9, 2019
    I recently spent a day at the Great Little Box Company (GLBC) company headquarters in Vancouver, Canada for an illuminating, first-hand look into how the Dell EMC PowerEdge MX can have a profound effect on a medium-sized business. This award-winning, family-owned and operated company provides customers with a single source for all packaging and shipping […]
  • Trading Places – Financial Sector Upgrades to Larger Monitors to Accommodate Shrinking Workspaces December 9, 2019
    Many of us spend our workday in front of a monitor, and this couldn’t be truer for employees within the financial sector. In fact, traders typically manage 8 to 12 monitors at a single desk in order to capture all the details that are mission-critical for their work. Over the last few years, the financial […]
  • New Dell EMC XtremIO Updates Deliver Enhanced Data Protection and Availability for Customers December 9, 2019
    Since Dell EMC XtremIO X2 was introduced at Dell Technologies World in May 2017, customers have hailed the platform’s efficient architecture, consistent availability and agile copy data management. Dell EMC XtremIO X2 6.3, the newest version of the XtremIO software, builds upon those key attributes and can help accelerate IT transformation and data center modernization. […]
  • Use Our Dedicated Distribution Campaign to Drive Server Refresh Opportunities December 5, 2019
    Our new PowerEdge Playbook for Distributors campaign gives you everything you need to promote advanced PowerEdge servers and help organizations modernize their IT and enable digital transformation. We recognize that promotional activity and sales through the distribution channel play an important part in the overall success of Dell Technologies – and we appreciate your continued […]