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  • Data Protection Evolution in the Coming Decade – Part 3 January 24, 2020
    In Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog we looked at the four major technology trends impacting the IT industry. Now let’s discuss what the attributes of future data protection will look like in the coming years. 1) Data protection will be cloud native Data protection will live in an IT environment that spans […]
  • Sundance Film Festival: Powered by Passion, Creativity, and Lots of Technology January 23, 2020
    During this season, nowhere is the vibrancy and impact of storytelling felt more than through the work of the Sundance Institute and onsite at the Sundance Film Festival, happening in Park City, Utah from January 23 until February 2. Last year more than 120,000 film and technology enthusiasts attended as Sundance helped to bring independent […]
  • Dell 2020 Networking & Solutions Technology Trends January 23, 2020
    Co-authors Joseph White, Senior Distinguished Engineer Joe Ghalam, Distinguished Engineer Mark Sanders, Distinguished Engineer Since joining Dell as CTO for Networking & Solutions in June 2019, I have been energized by the opportunities and the extent of technology development at Dell Technologies, as well as the deep partner engagement in R&D.  Heading into 2020, our […]
  • Baker’s Half Dozen — Episode 9 January 23, 2020
    If you’ve got questions about this episode, or a question you’d like Matt to answer in the next episode, comment below or tweet Matt using #BakersHalfDozen. Episode 9 Show Notes: Item 1: On Premise vs. On Premises Item 2: Taking a picture of a black hole Item 3: Using CRISPR for molecular data storage Item 4: […]
  • Top 5 Reasons to Adopt PowerOne for SAP S/4HANA January 23, 2020
    As the head of our Business Applications Solutions engineering team for Dell EMC, I make it a point to talk with our customers about moving to SAP S/4HANA. Many of our customers have migrated at least one of their SAP systems to SAP S/4HANA, but it’s usually limited to the set of system roles like […]
  • Dell EMC Isilon Enhancements Embrace Cloud, Support Kubernetes and Reduce Storage Footprint January 22, 2020
    What a month this has been for Dell EMC Isilon! Not only are we announcing some pretty powerful innovations, we also won a Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award this month. Isilon and OneFS have made a powerful impact on the media and entertainment industry and we have been able to empower organizations to take control […]
  • Build the Right Hybrid Cloud for your Business January 22, 2020
    I have been working with companies on their IT strategies long enough to remember the calls to “get out of the data center game.” Not that long ago, many were convinced that a pure public cloud model would win out. Now, even hyperscalers are embracing the hybrid cloud by launching cloud appliances designed to run […]
  • The Time to Modernize Your Edge is Now January 21, 2020
    If you’ve been following Dell EMC Networking at all over the past year or so, you’ve likely heard a bit about our collaboration with VMware. In 2019, we really took this collaboration to the next level. Or perhaps you could say we took it to the edge, with the Dell EMC SD-WAN Solution powered by […]
  • 5G and Me: And Security January 21, 2020
    In today’s uber-connected world, everyone has dealt with that little voice in the back of the head, asking if you are safe… Is your data safe? Is your “stuff” private and protected? Are your connections exposing you to security attacks? And rightly so. It is nearly impossible to predict all the ways in which crooked […]
  • OpenManage Mobile Brings the Awesome Power of Augmented Reality to PowerEdge MX January 20, 2020
    The IT Manager challenge­­ You are an IT Manager. Perhaps, you manage hundreds of servers and dozens of modular infrastructure systems. You want to deploy infrastructure devices the moment you receive them, keep firmware and drivers updated, monitor them regularly for uptime and efficiency, and retire them securely. Sounds difficult? Not if you have the […]