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  • To the Edge and Beyond: Network Function Offload July 16, 2020
    In the first two blogs in this series we discovered what a programmable fabric is and what it looks like. Now we are ready to dive deeper into programmable fabrics and discover Network Function offload. Telecom communication service providers need to provision Network Functions (NFs) in their infrastructure in order to run the network.  NFs […]
  • The Evolving Workplace July 15, 2020
    Business leaders and industry experts have given their views on how recent events have reshaped the workplace and their future technology strategies. I recently participated in the “The Evolving Workplace,” a virtual CxO round-table, hosted by Dell Technologies and Intel on 16th June. Michael Imeson, a Contributing Editor at FT Specialist, set the tone for […]
  • From Response to Recovery: Achieving Clinical and Business Resiliency in Healthcare July 15, 2020
    Healthcare organizations are rising to meet new patient care and financial realities, including work-from-home capabilities and significantly expanded virtual care options. As healthcare leaders are reopening facilities for non-urgent clinical services, they are also juggling workforce considerations ranging from employee health, to childcare, to mass transit concerns alongside changing patient expectations. At the same time, […]
  • VMware vSphere 7 Now Available on Dell EMC PowerEdge July 14, 2020
    With PowerEdge & vSphere 7, it’s full speed ahead on your journey to the modern hybrid cloud When VMware announced Project Pacific at VMworld last fall, Kit Colbert, Chief Technology Officer of Cloud Platform at VMware, described it as “the biggest evolution of vSphere in easily the last decade.” Now that it’s here, we see that […]
  • Serving OEMs Through the Channel July 13, 2020
    As someone who has spent the great majority of my career working for and with the channel, I get very excited discussing how Dell Technologies Design Solutions channel partners can add value to the unique needs of our OEM customers. We all know that no one person – however talented – can whistle a symphony. […]
  • Baker’s Half Dozen — Episode 14 July 9, 2020
    If you’ve got questions about this episode, or a question you’d like Matt to answer in the next episode, comment below or tweet using #BakersHalfDozen. In today’s episode we will talk abut the effects of COVID-19 on cloud infrastructure and how companies are adapting. We will also discuss how data impacts space travel and the […]
  • The Story Behind Our New Name July 8, 2020
    What’s in a name? It’s symbolic of course but I think strong, descriptive names allow you to communicate clearly and unambiguously about who you are and what you do. On that note, organizationally, we’ve now combined two unique design groups from Dell Technologies under one umbrella, namely OEM | Embedded & Edge Solutions and Extreme […]
  • Discover Actionable Storage Insights with DataIQ July 7, 2020
    DataIQ 2.0: Introducing storage monitoring functionality The innovation engine at Dell Technologies is humming and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. In case you missed it, we recently announced our next-generation scale-out NAS platform, Dell EMC PowerScale, built to help organizations capture untapped potential from unstructured data. As the ideal companion to our leading storage […]
  • Episode Three – The Beer You Love July 7, 2020
    The craft beer industry is exploding as beer drinkers have refined their palates and new brewers are entering the market. To successfully expand across the country, brewers need to craft differentiated beers and leverage data to inform their decisions on what products to launch in their growing markets. In this episode of Technology Powers X, […]
  • Enjoy a Seamless Workload Experience with Dell Technologies Cloud July 2, 2020
    Your organization’s global users demand and deserve a seamless experience; no matter where they do their work or where the workloads or data that they depend on actually reside. If you have been following our discussion of workload placement and the benefits of optimizing your organization’s infrastructure for your most critical workloads in this series, […]