Fujitsu SC-CLE-WGD

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SP Series Cleaning kit

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This cleaning kit can be used to maintain your scanner for optimum performance containing 72 specially formulated F1 cleaning fluid impregnated wipes.
It effectively removes dirt toner carbon chemicals from treated papers and other debris from the parts of the scanner that are in contact with the paper.

•72 specially formulated wipes

Designed For:
Fi-4120C 4120C2 4220C 4220C2 4340C 5015C 5110C 5120C 5220C 5530C 5530C2 6000NS 6010N 6110 6130 6130Z 6140 6140Z 6230 6230Z 6230ZLA 6240 6240Z 7030 7140 7160 7180 7240 7260 7280 7460 7480; Network Scanner N7100; ScanSnap N1800; SP-1120 1125 1130 1425


EAN# 5032140200199

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