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Hi-Lo Mono Flip Top 180 Mobile Screen Mount

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From fully inverted to table top the Hi-Lo® Mono Flip Top 180 Mobile Screen Mount revolutionises the established conceptions of screen mounting.

Mounting the screen from table top to vertical and through 180 degrees to fully inverted the touch screen may be used in all planes provides unequalled functionality and flexibility of use.

With it’s smart screen mount system the screen may be fully inverted to allow users to view the screen whilst laying on the floor. Especially important for disabled users who use iGaze products to interact.

Our universal mobile electrically height adjustable screen mount is suitable for screens 55″ – 65″.

The Hi-Lo® Mono Flip Top 180 is totally clear between the trolley base allowing complete wheelchair access perfect in the easel position lowered to the perfect height.

Install a media player or small format PC in the side mount box for a fully integrated solution.

Integrated cable management creates a new tidy and safe solution.


The Hi-Lo® Mono Flip Top 180 is able to mount screens 55″ – 65″ so that the user may lie on their back and interact with a screen positioned above their head.

The screen may be electrically raised and lowered by 500mm for the perfect screen height in all positions.

Very stable mount design with unique interlocking bracket sets creating a safe user environment.

The mobile mounting system allows the whole installation to be easily moved from room to room and stored away if required.

Universal mount brackets are suitable for screens with VESA mounts up to 400mm high.

Custom mount brackets are available.

Smart design provides adjustability providing the perfect fit for differing screen sizes.


For use in multiple environments where the tilting and over tilting of the screen is required. The Hi-Lo® Mono Flip Top 180 is able to position a screen at the perfect position.

In SEN environments the wide and deep trolley base design allows wheelchair users unrivalled access to the touchscreen.

In table top position the screen is low enough for collaborative touch screen experiences.

In easel position the screen may be raised or lowered to provide digital signage or positioned perfectly into the lap of a wheelchair user.

In over tilted position the screen may be positioned perfectly for bed users in hospital or young children sitting on the floor at story time.

In vertical position the screen is able to be used in a conventional presentation style for meetings.

The Hi-Lo® Mono Flip Top 180 Mobile Screen Mount is the ultimate screen mount for all occasions.



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