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Lapbank Netbook Trolley for 16 netbooks up to 12" Charger already fitted

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High security netbook trolley which can store up to 16 netbooks. Market leading security design features include 2nr 7 lever mortise safe locks per door with anti-jemmy bar design all welded construction and full length piano hinges.

Mix different netbooks in the same trolley. Providing future proof design.

Clever naturally ventilated design means no heat build up and no energy hungry cooling fans.

Substantial laptop trolley base with large diameter swiveling and individually locking wheels are robust designed to last.

Optional ultra safe charging kit – RCD protected mains input lead is easily replaceable should it become damaged. Soft start surge protection anti-backwash device and mains conditioner provides ultra safe charging. Charging strips are high specification double insulated and come with cable management kits for an easy to install neat and reliable solution.

Uses the original laptop chargers meaning if a device is replaced or upgraded expensive call out charges are avoided with no on-going maintenance costs or warranty issues associated with swapping laptops using managed charging systems.

Insurance advised secure docking and networking options are also available.

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