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The definitive desktop storage device iBank Wedge holds up to 8 iPads or tablets from 7-10 inch including a range of case sizes from slim-line up to 26mm thick this includes products such as the Griffin Survivor.

The iBank Wedge can be securely mounted onto virtually any desk or counter top surface. Its construction features all welded steel construction with full-length piano hinges to the door and a cam-lock on the door itself.

The unique wedge shape also features natural ventilation designed into the structure of the case. This ensures the prevention of any heat build up inside the unit. And it wouldn’t be a Loxit product without an array of high-tech features hidden inside the case. Look closely and you’ll see the intricate installation of cutting edge technology featuring optional charging or sync and charge systems. The iBank Wedge is a real box of tricks and can even feature the optional Intelligent Charge system with its charge status indication and power management system.



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