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iBank 15 USB Sync & Charge

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iBank 15 USB Sync & Charge provides secure sync and universal USB charging with hardwired data connection for the management of up to 15 devices.

Secure steel cabinet with high density cushioned storage houses up to 16 devices but with simultaneous sync & charge for 15 at one time. (Once sync and charge is complete the 16th tablet may be connected and sync'd and charged.)

Sync up to 15 iPads or iPad mini's simultaneously via iTunes on a host computer other tablets use proprietary software where available.

Connect up to 15 tablet PC's to a host computer simultaneously for data management.

The ChargeConnect 15 device then profiles each individual device plugged in and delivers the correct rate of charge for each device including iPad and iPad mini Galaxy Tab Surface Toughbook Nexus Kindle Nook e-Readers – any USB chargeable device.

Cushioned slots accommodate different case thicknesses from slim-line up to 26mm including Griffin Survivor.

For desk mount wall mount or furniture integration.

All welded steel construction full length piano hinge to door secured with a high quality ASSA Abloy lock.

Eco friendly natural convection ventilation.

Minimal footprint.

• Lockable storage for up to 16 iPads or Tablet PCs.
• Sync/data manage up to 15 iPads or tablet PC's simultaneously.
• Universal USB charging for up to 15 devices.
• Suitable for 10 or 7 iPads or Tablet PCs.
• Cushioned storage.
• All welded steel construction.
• Full length piano hinged door.
• High quality ASSA Abloy lock.
• Natural convection ventilation.



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