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Iporta Charge Connect 16 Safely store sync and charge a mix of up to 16 devices at once; iPads iPad minis iPhones iTouch and all tablet PC's which connect through USB including Kindles.

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iPad and Tablet PC storage with sync/charge wireless access point and networking options.

For use where multiple iPads or tablet PC's need to be transported charged and sync'd or backed up.

Ideal for education and training establishments corporate retail and exhibition environments to name but a few. Wherever ipads and tablet PC's are used in large nembers and require transporting or managing.

Key Features
The iPorta revolutionizes charging and synchronisation of multiple iPads and tablet PC's.

The iPorta Charge Connect 16 is able to safely store sync and charge a mix of up to 16 devices at once; iPads iPad minis iPhones iTouch and all tablet PC's which connect throught USB including Kindles.

This is achieved by using cutting edge technology to ensure that the device's charging profile is delivered to each individual device ensuring optimum charging no matter which device is used.

The highly mobile and very durable case is extremely simple to use convenient to handle and the optional twin padlocks add an element of security to the solution.

Future Proof
The micro USB connection allows new charging profiles to be updated when the latest version of a tablet is released.

Mix and match devices to be charged and synchronised or backed up.

External power and CAT 5 connections coupled with vetilation allow the user to close the lid when devices are charging and syncing. This allows the case to be easily stored when charging.

Power Up
The integrated 4 way power strip allows users to power the wireless access point laptop and other peripherals from within the iPorta for maximum convenience.

Total Solution
The durable polypropelyne case has compartments for the stowage of a laptop and adapter wireless access point and power cable completing the self-contained management solution.

4 standard foam sizes for different sized iPad cases please specify when ordering:

Type 1
Max Width 190mm
Max Thickness 18mm

Type 2
Max Width 200mm
Max Thickness 18mm

Type 3
Max Width 210mm
Max Thickness 18mm

Type 4
Max Width 210mm
Max Thickness 26mm

Technical Specification
Weight 18 kg
Height 400 mm
Width 800 mm
Depth 510 mm

Colour Black
Weight 18 Kg



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