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Mobile Hi-Lo SL 750 Whiteboard Mount 80" – 105" Black Maximum Weight 70 Kg

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Loxit's Hi-Lo® range of height adjustable whiteboard stands have been installed in institutions across the UK and internationally since its inception in 2004.

The Hi-Lo® Whiteboard Lift 750 Trolley is an ultra manouevrable whiteboard stand which has the capacity to mount and transport all makes and models of whiteboards and projectors between rooms.

Delivered fully assembled (in the UK) for minimum install time the Hi-Lo® Whiteboard Lift 750 Trolley is simple to set up.

The universal projector mount works with all short throw projectors with throw distances up to 1500mm.

The 750mm height adjustment allows pupils and teachers of all heights access to the full whiteboard.

The base is specially designed to allow wheelchair users close access to the board.

Used where the interactive whiteboard resources are required to be shared between user groups.

The projector laptop or pc and speaker set-up remains connected as the resources are transported around the building.

Once in the desired location the user simply switches on the equipment begins using it.

No keystoning or additional set-up and no fuss.

Key Features
Whiteboard stand is delivered fully assembled saving installation time and preventing mistakes.

Hi-Lo® Whiteboard Lift 750 Trolley provides a simple fast and safe interactive whiteboard trolley which allows resources are shared between rooms.

Designed for short and ultra short throw projectors the Hi-Lo® Whiteboard Lift 750 Trolley can accommodate all projectors up to 1500mm throw and can also mount non-interactive whiteboards to work with interactive projectors.

The Hi-Lo® universal whiteboard mounts are able to receive all makes and models of interactive whiteboards:

up to 80 inches across the diagonal with 4:3 ratio aspect
up to 105 inches across the diagonal at 16:9 ratio aspect

After the initial simple set-up the Hi-Lo® Whiteboard Lift 750 Trolley does not require further image adjustment or keystoning even after transportation between rooms.

3 year return to base mechanical warranty.

1 year return to base electrical components warranty.

Technical Specification
Weight 62 kg
Height 1850 mm
Width 870 mm
Depth 810 mm

Technical Description
Designed to fit through a standard doorway height of 1950mm high.

Universal whiteboard mounts are able to receive any make of interactive whiteboard:

up to 80 inches across the diagonal with 4:3 ratio aspect
up to 105 inches across the diagonal at 16:9 ratio aspect

Universal projector mount suits all projectors up to maximum 1500mm projector throw.

Casters are twin wheel easy glide heavy duty and individually lockable.


Set-up the projector and whiteboard on the trolley as normal.

The interactive whiteboard is supported by the universal brackets and adjusted to the depth of the board required.

The projector is fitted to the universal ball jointed projector mount plate which provides a high quality fully articulated attachment. This enables fine adjustment of the projected image before the use of keystoning.

When ready to be transported electrically lower the board to the minimum height.

The projector boom is turned at 90 degrees from set-up position allowing the trolley to pass through the doorway.

The casters are high quality heavy duty easy glide twin wheeled individually lockable with a rubberised finish for a smooth and reliable action.

Once the Hi-Lo® Whiteboard Lift 750 Trolley is repositioned in the new room the boom is turned and locked back into the setup position and then raised electrically back into the original position.

This operation takes less than 30 seconds.

The projector is now back in the exact position as originally set-up and does not require any adjustment.

The trolley is delivered fully assembled with minimum set-up time

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