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Swing-Away Laptop Shelf for Hi-Lo Duo680

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Optional swing away laptop shelf for the Hi-Lo Duo 680 electric plasma trolley lift.

The swing away laptop shelf enables the user to operate software from the laptop whilst stood in front or to the side of the plasma screen allowing the user to observe the room at the same time.

Key Features
Allows users to operate the laptop whilst keeping the whole room in view.

Laptop shelf swings from the rear of the trolley 180 degrees to position at the front of the trolley.

Shelf is swung away flat against the rear of the trolley whilst not in use or being transported.

Locking mechanism keeps laptop shelf in place when swung away

Height 595 mm
Width 300 mm
Depth 230 mm

Bracket Type Shelf
Colour Silver


EAN# 5029365895026

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