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ABS Titan X Filament – Black

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TitanX™ is the evolution of ABS into a warp-free filament – extremely suitable for 3D printing large scale and high precision engineering objects. It is an industrial-grade ABS-type 3D printer filament with unsurpassed mechanical properties that is uniquely modified for printing with its FFF-optimisation technology.

With improved mechanical properties – near-zero warping superb first layer adhesion and interlayer adhesion far above average impact resistance and excellent thermal stability and flow behaviour it is a very easy to print material. When combined with the controlled printing environment on Robox users will be able to create a wide range of products with much less hassle making it the perfect material for printing engineering objects and prototypes with remarkable fine detail.

As with all Formfutura filaments TitanX™ has excellent roundness and very tight diameter tolerance making it a perfect match for the high precision printing of Robox. Formfutura extrude their materials in the Netherlands in their custom filament manufacturing facility using high-precision equipment which is specially designed to maintain high dimensional accuracy.

Excellent adhesion to heated plate
Perfect inter-layer adhesion
Greatly improved mechanical properties
High impact resistance
Great thermal stability and filament flowing behaviour
FDA food and drink contact compliant
Each reel is sealed in a reusable zip lock bag with a sachet of silica gel to control moisture. The bag is then placed in a sturdy windowed box for shipping.


EAN# 5060162124544.

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